Monday, May 10, 2010

Rivona villagers block mining trucks violating law

The villagers of Rivona today blocked the loaded mining transport over three hours for operating during night hours in violation of Collectors order.

The villagers claim that the mining trucks in violation of the South Goa Collector order dated 10/4/2010 which specifies the timing for mining transportation as 6.00AM to 6.00PM. However in violation of the said order the loaded mining truck via Rivona since beginning May starts operating as early as 4.00AM in the morning thereby disturbing the sleep of the villagers.

That aggrieved by the operation of mining truck in the early morning the villagers on Monday at around 5.00AM gathered on the road and blocked the mining truck which lasted at around 7.00AM. The line of mining truck from Fatima wado extended up to Rivona Bazar.

The villagers claim that immediately they had intimated to the Quepem police however the police reached at the site at around 7.00AM. The police instead of taking action against the mining truck for violating the law acted as mediator and assured the villagers that from Tuesday no loaded truck will be allowed to come on the road before 6.00AM.

The villagers informed Herald that the police are the main abettor for violating the law. Whenever the villagers for violation of their right the police immediately takes action against them but to take action against the mining truck they are very lenient. Informed another villager.

The villagers further informed that all the truck operating via Rivona are over loaded as a result the ore fall on the road thereby causing dust pollution.

John Fernandes

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