Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kalinga Nagar: Police Forces Return, Demoliton Drive Restarts

More Deaths due to Lack of Medical Care

Chandia Fears Another Attack

The mourning for the cold blooded murder of Lakhman Jamuda is yet to be over. The officers guilty of secretly disposing his dead body and making his nephew Lalmohan Jamuda sign papers at gunpoint are yet to be punished. Despite being party to such heinous crimes, the Collector and SP of Jajpur have restarted their atrocious activities today. Sources say yesterday they had a meeting in Bhubaneswar with Bijay Patnaik, Principal Secy to CM Orissa (He is the same person who returned from a week long meeting with POSCO in Korea the day Police attacked Balitutha) and today security forces have arrived at Gobarghati to carry out demolition of houses of displaced people. Villagers of Chandia are tense as there are chances of the Police then heading towards their village located close to Gobarghati village. Its not been even a whole week since police lathi charged at women and children and shot dead Lakshman Jamuda at Chandia village on 12 May '10. Meanwhile more people died of untreated diseases. One of them, Mechcha Hanaka aged 45, had been secretly admitted in a hospital in Cuttack by activists but succumbed to TB and renal failure last night. The other is an elderly lady from Gadapur and I am yet to receive proper information about her. It seems every week will be a repeat of the last week in Kalinga Nagar. And its not some God who is writing this destiny of the people but I.A.S./I.P.S. officers like Bijay Patnaik, Priyabrata Patnaik (MD, IDCO), DMs & SPs who seem to be the authors of enforcing mass repression in Odisha. It is obvious who dictates them.

Please listen to the testimonies of villagers of Chandia here - www.youtube.com/samadrusti


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