Saturday, May 1, 2010

Timblo Mine at Selaulim dam

This is a power of mining companies in Goa. They can mine anywhere. In this case it is at right inside the Selaulim Dam.

This dam supplies water to major part of Goa's population - officially 51% of its people.

Though this mine is completely with no permissions yet it continues to operate full scale. Goa government is not blind. It is an abettor in this crime. Goa government has powers to shut this down yet it ignores pretending it is snoring.

One policemen told a lady from Colamb - Dument D'Souza few months ago "As long as mining companies control Goa government, we cannot listen to you and implement the law in your favor or in favor of the planet. "

The question therefore just about water or mining. The question is who rules Goa. Presently the answer is 'mining companies rule Goa'. Or how else you can explain such a brazen plunder of Goa?

The google image in this post is supplied by Goenchea Xetkarancho Ekvott (GXE).

Sebastian Rodrigues

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