Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pictures of Balitutha attack on people protesting POSCO

I can't help but compare this police arson to invade villages on behalf of POSCO to the repeated violent raids by British into the Orissa. Something so painstakingly documented by Felix Padels in his book "Sacrificing People: Invasions of a Tribal Landscape".

This hooliganism if not an invasion then what? We are witnessing return of the colonial rule to India. This is probably the beginning of the way future prepares to unfold before us.

What must be the mindset of Orissa police yesterday when they unleashed such a brutal attack on their fellow state citizens. How can they behave in such a nude barbaric fashion on Balitutha without they first being barbarians themselves? From where they got stamina to inflict such a nasty mayhem?

These policemen are pathetic creature of humanity who have lost the essence of what it meant to be human. They are prisoners of violence. Their minds and souls are full of violence. They have killed their deep human self. Only then they are able to perform the dance of the beast that they did yesterday to uphold pride of POSCO from South Korea. What a great tragedy that the violence has been put in as remedy on peacefully assembled villagers?

What a great shame that this is happening in my wonderful country that has pioneered peace against all odds via Sidhartha Gautama, the enlightened one.

What a shame that Indian government and State governments have joined together to finish off Indian citizens in violent incidents like this.

Every industrialization process is violent in essence. It is dictatorial in essence. It cannot proceed peacefully. Democracy is wrong number for it. What option does people of India have under this circumstances? Can we afford to be violent in our response just because our attackers are so? We cannot. If we did then it would be cakewalk victory to the POSCOS of the world.

With the backing of the State of Orissa and Indian government they look invincible. So what? Once even British believed that they were invincible and sun never sets on their empire. But the very same route that brought them to India also send them back. Economics of their empire that made it hot to rule and suddenly sun set on the empire at the stroke of mid-night.

POSCO would perhaps be hoping that May 15 2010 would be new dawn day of its empire in India. Perhaps it is new beginning with a big bang of State repression. The problem with this imagination is that it is corroded and self destructive. Every thing that begins also ends. There is no beginning without end. POSCO has began new innings of violence on Indian soil. It will have an end too. This is a law of universe. POSCO is committing crimes against universe, against mother earth, against her children. What you sow, you reap. Simple truth!

The POSCO is not alone in this crime. Tatas too are high on the doze of violence in Kalinganagar. This principle applies to them as well. In fact very well.

The pictures in this post are received from Purushottam.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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