Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Goa Mining Poster, Maps at public display in Bangalore

Please click the links below for the poster on mining in Goa:

There is also reference to maps in this poster. The following are online maps:

1. Goa Mining Belt,73.92314&spn=0.040426,0.077162&z=14

2. Panchwadi exclusive roads for mining through forest,74.067764&spn=0.081295,0.154324&z=13

3. Mining in catchment area of Selaulim dam in Sanguem

The above got generated during series of three maps for making change workshops between December 2009 to April 2010. The workshops were organised in Delhi, Ahmadebad and Bangalore and participated by around 40 people from all age groups and varied backgrounds learning to maps and redefine cartography itself at the same time with inputs from resources available via new media.

I was able to attend two these workshops one in Delhi on December 03, 2009 and another one in Bangalore on April 26-28, 2010. These were outcomes of joint collaboration between Centre of Internet and Society based in Bangalore and London based Tactical Technologies. My work on maps was made possible due to overwhelming public support in Goa and support in the form of Global Green Funds, USA for for the year 2009-2010. My thanks to Manshi Asher who got me to take GGF that made me to explore the GPS tool in more relaxed manner, Abhijit and Gaurav who came in as independent collaborators on maps and added important content to them and also more collaborators. Their enthusiasm and input has made this mapping project as one of the important ones as far as community participation is concerned. Thank you guys! I received whole heated support from GAKUVED team, people from Colamb village in Sanguem and Panchwadi village in Ponda. I remain committed in struggle shoulder to shoulder with these villagers symbolize and signify. Anja, Geetanjali, Kate, Pradeep, Namrata, Aliya, Madhuresh has been very helpful in teasing my talents out to get this out of me while at workshop in Bangalore.

Very special aknowledgement in this ongoing mapping project of Architect Dean D'Cruz's office in Porvorim, Goa who allowed us to use thier GPS instrument as their gesture of solidarity. Architect Rebboni Saha was specially so ever coperative right from May 2008 when she thought me the basics use of GPS in few minutes! I thank all you folks! Hope to keep up this fantastic collaboration in the days to come too.

Maps are made by using Google API maps with GPS data added on to them. They can be accessed by clicking respective links and can also viewed in Google Earth. Each waypoint generates independent weblinks that can be used as and how users desires to maneuver.

By the way this is second poster on this theme. The first poster Goa mining and metal sensitivity was displayed in Barcelona, Spain during 27-29 March 2010 and it is available at the following links:

You may write to me with feedbacks and suggestion at They are eagerly awaited to be welcomed!

Sebastian Rodrigues

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