Monday, April 5, 2010

Tiger letter to Prime Minister of India

Shri Tulshidas Velip,
r/o. Velipwada, Cavrem,

Date: 30/3/2010.

1. The Prime Minister of India,
Rail Bhavan, New Delhi

2. The Minster of Environment and Forest,
Paryavaran Bhavan, New Delhi.

Sub: Complaint against forest officials working at Maina Quepem Range.


I the undersigned respectfully brings to your kind notice and request you as under:

1. That 11/3/2010 I have filed a compliant before the Hon’ble Prime Minster of India, stating that there are Tigers in Cavrem, Maina and the surrounding area and requested to identifying the sites and work towards protecting them. That in my said complaint to fortify my statement that there are Tiger in the area I have mentioned certain instances such as killing of Bison and attacking of cattle by Tiger .

2. That the forest officials of Maina Range of Quepem taluka including the Round Forester Suresh Pednekar who are mostly seen at the mine operating in the area, instead of investigating about the presence of Tiger in Cavrem and surrounding area, are constantly pressuring me not to tell about the presence of tiger but they are constantly telling me that “ you tell that there are no tiger in the area and the bison was not killed and so on and you give statement accordingly”.

3. They even prepared a statement stating therein, that there are no tigers at Cavrem and surrounding areas. That one Baban S. Naik, Forest guard of Maina Range on 29/3/2010 at around 5.30 PM at my residence with a statement consisting of 3 pages which were partly blank and partly written and was constantly requesting/perusing me to sign at the end of the statement brought by him. That to without allowing me to read its contents nor without reading over its content to me. He even refuse to give me a copy of it so I refuse to sign on the statement. He then called me at Kirlagali out post which I refuse. The Forest officials of Maina range are indirectly harassing me for bringing to the notice of your honour of presence of tigers.
4. I further bring to your notice that the forest officials working at Maina Range of Quepem taluka are constantly supporting the mining companies to destroy the forest, which is a home for the tiger in the area. They are constantly seen either at the mine or moving with the agents of the mining companies. They hardly move into the forest, which can be seen from the fact that the presence of tiger at Cavrem and the killing of bison by tiger was first reported in local daily herald somewhere in November 2009 but the forest official did not bother to inquire into the matter. That only after I filed petition before your goodself they started investigating, that to not in the interest of preserving Tiger but to protect the interest of mining companies which can be seen from my above statement.

5. In view of above I hereby kindly request your good self in order to protect the forest and presence of tiger in Cavrem and surrounding area those officials who have put more than 3 years service at Maina range be transferred and sincere officer concerned about forest and about the forest species be appointed at Maina range. I further request you to make sincere efforts through your officer to preserve the tiger in the Cavrem , Maina and surrounding area.

Kindly do the needful and obliged.

Yours Truly

Copy to.

1. The Chief Secretary,
State of Goa,
Porvorim Goa,

2. The Chief conservator of Forest,

3. The Dy-Conservator of Forest (South )

4. The Goa Foundation,
Britto Apartment, Mapusa-Goa.

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