Monday, April 5, 2010

Growth mania: Goodbye Satish Rivonkar, vice-president, Guardian Angel High School, Curchorem

Education in Goa suffered cruel jolt after Satish Rivonkar, vice-president was sacrificed at the alter of mining industry to fuel further the growth mania. In pictures his body is trapped under the tyre of mining truck just the exactly same way entire Goa is trapped under Growth model of development with large population of Goa is its sacrifice. There is an urgent need to dismantle the growth trap. Building separate highways or exclusive roads for mining is only getting further trapped into growth mania. There are some people who wants to do away with suffering of people by launching mission bye-pass to demand for new roads through forests and villages. These views can be expressed only by agents of growth trap who are themselves trapped in under the wheels of mining industry to fuel growth of China, Japan and Europe. The way people of Sanvordem and Curchorem were mobilized by mining industry into 'People's Movement' in second week of February 2010 can at best be termed 'mission suicide'. Continuation of mining in Goa means taking Goa towards suicide with export of every truck of ore that is transported through barges via Zuari and Mandovi rivers that is further loaded in huge foreign vessels in the Arabian Sea few miles away from from Marmagao Port Trust. From Airoplane this phenomena resembles vultures feasting on death of Goa. The exclusive roads for mining is not a solution for growth trap, total stoppage of mining is the solution. My deep support to the family of Satish Rivonkar, to the Students of Guardian Angel High School, Curchorem and to the People of Curchorem and Sanvordem. It is time to apply breaks and dismantle growth mania. Mining must stop. New mining roads plans must be canceled. Its time for de-growth. Its time to move out of rat race of economy. Its time to ponder deeply...

Sebastian Rodrigues
Here we reproduce the pictures and text by John Fernandes of what happened on last Tuesday, 30 march 2010 in Tilamol, Quepem.

In a horrifying motor Vehicular accident that shocked entire Quepem involving mining truck one Satish Rivonkar (44) of Tilamol, Quepem and a Vice president of Guardian Angel high school, Curchorem died on the spot on Tuesday 30 March 2010.

The accident which took place at around 12.40 pm involving three vehicles namely a Pulsor Motorcycle bearing Reg. No.GA-09-C-4400, a Tata tipper truck bearing Reg. No.GA-01-W5461 and GA-09-U- 2045 was so severe that the truck bearing registration No,GA-01-w-5461 after the impact dragged the deceased who was traveling on his Pulsor Motorcycle at a distance of 15 mts. His body was smashed into pieces.

After the accident the public blocked the entire Tilamol Curchorem road. However the police diverted the traffic via Xeldem.

The deceased has left behind a widow and a five years old daughter.

Sources informed that soon after the accident police arrived at the spot and try to hide out the body by covering a tarpaulin and try to remove the same which was lying under the wheel of the truck but the agitators did not allowed to remove the same. The body which was crushed under the wheel at around 12.40 pm was not allowed by the public till the South Goa Collector G.P. Naik made his presence at the spot and give a assurance that hence forth mining transport will not be allowed to operate via Tilamol road. At around 4.30 pm Collector G.P. Naik along with S.P. South Allan D’Sa, Dy-Collector Quepem Agnel Fernandes appeared at the spot.

Meanwhile in order to avoid any law and order situation a strong police force from Quepem, Curchorem, Maina Curtorim headed by P.I. Sidhant Shirodkar , Margao police headed by P.I. Santosh Dessai and two buses of Reserve police force with heavy guns were stationed at a site along with Dy-SP Quepem Rohidas Patre , Dy-SP. Margao Umesh Gaonkar, Quepem Executive Magistrate Sudin Nato.

As soon as Collector G.P. Naik appeared at the site there was a heavy argument between the collector and the agitators. The agitators blamed the entire administration for the accident. The agitators were not in a mood to allow the body to be removed till they get an assurance of permanent stoppage of mining transport via Tilamol. It was only when Collector G.P. Naik orally assured the agitators that he will pass a temporary order. After which the body was allowed to remove.

After removing the body lying under the wheel, without the knowledge of the agitators the police took away the truck involved in the accident which angered the agitators. They demanded issuance of challen to all mining truck which were overloaded. Hearing the news that the agitators are demanding issuance of challen the truck which were parked from Tilamol church to Sanfator with the assistance of police and without the knowledge of the agitators took a reveres and seen parked in a hiding place on the irrigation Canal at Sirvoi.

At around 7.00 pm the Quepem Executive Magistrate Sudin Nato served a notification issued by the Collector G.P. Naik prohibiting mining truck from 31st march to 4th April which was not acceptable to the agitators who demanded a permanent ban on mining transport and continued their agitation till filling of this report.

The agitators claimed that the notification issued by the Collector G.P. Naik who is a agent of mining company is farce and an eye wash as all the three days on which the collector prohibited mining transport is a holiday for mining on account maruti guard Zatra and on account of good Friday.

Quepem P.I. Sudesh Narvekar is investigating the matter.

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