Thursday, April 15, 2010

I need your confirmation Praveen Agarwal


Praveen Agarwal,
Mormugao Port Trust (MPT),
Vasco, Goa


Phone: (0832) 2521100

Dear Praveen Agarwal,

Greetings of Peace!

I read this news with horror today morning. I wished it was an April Fools joke played out. So went and confirmed my doubts further but it was not. It was sent out today early morning. Even after I repeatedly banged my head against the calendar in front of me it did not prove that it was an April Fools joke. The original site where PTI has carried this story too misses April fools day.

And suddenly I came to my senses that you were dam serious or perhaps reporters at PTI might have played nasty joke on you falsely declaring that you have indeed declared MPT to cater to Warships for Rest and Recreation purpose. I actually do not read newspapers so if it sounds as stale news to your ear senses then please forgive me.

But I need a confirmation from you that indeed you have made such statements to the press and you meant them. That indeed some quarters have taken decision to convert Goa into R&R destination for warships. I need this because I am born in this land of Goa and certainly do not wish that such a major decision from you be taken without taking my consent.

I must also let you know that I am well aware of the state of local people in Philippines during the period when the country served as R&R destination for the American soldiers. The status of women there in words of American soldiers was "Small Brown Fucking Machines". They were 'Small' in comparison to 'Big' American soldiers (interpret Power Relations) . They were 'Brown' in comparison to 'White' American soldiers (interpret Racism), They were 'Fucking Machines' - no emotions involved, only outlets for pent up sexual energy to be deposited a la screw gets deposited in the hole.

I need confirmation from you that you and MPT are really committed to transform my Goa into R&R destination and you have well thought out plans as senior officer serving Indian State.

I am awaiting your reply. I'll await, not wait for it endlessly. If you do not reply within 24 hours then I would interpret your silence as a confirmation and then people of Goa will not have much option than take the bull by its horns.

Ever warmly,

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Goa to provide recreation base for warships
Saturday, April 3, 2010 19:20 IST

Panaji: Goa is all set to provide Rest and Recreation (R&R) base for
the warships calling the port from across the globe.

"An exclusive berth is being constructed at the port and the work is
expected to be over by March 2011," Mormugao Port Trust (MPT) chairman
Praveen Agarwal told reporters today.

The Rs33 crore facility with a length of 270m and which will be 22m
wide is expected to augment warship traffic to the port, which usually
call for R&R facility.

"Soldiers usually take break once in six months for rest and
recreation and Goa could be the most preferred place for
the purpose," Agarwal said.

MPT, which is one of the biggest port trusts on the Western Coast
currently receives few ships for rest and recreational purposes.

Agarwal also pointed out that an added benefit of the new facility is
that the soldiers who land for a break tend to spend lavishly which
will boost the economy of the state.

Meanwhile, realising that the tourists arriving in Goa through cruise
ships are required to land near a coal dump or iron ore heaps, the
port trust is also developing an exclusive berth for these ships.

"This berth costing about Rs47 crore will be for berthing non-cargo
vessels including cruise ships," he said. The chairman said that the
work on the project has commenced and will be completed by December

The MPT catered to 19 cruise vessels during FY 2009-10 bringing in
18684 passengers.

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