Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mining contractor mauls Goa traffic police in Quepem

Yet another day today in Quepem town people witness the gory attitude of transport contractors and truck owners as they paid no respect to the District Magistrate South Goa G.P. Naik taking into consideration the hardship faced by the villagers due to excessive mining transport.

The newly formed Quepem Taluka Mining Affected People Front whose members were closely monitoring and noting the registration number of every ore transporting truck via Quepem Town from 5.00 am to 7.00 pm.

The total number of trips via Quepem Quepem town calculated as 828 trips. The same is also recorded by video record camera. That as per the order dated 10/4/2010 passed by the Collector of South Goa G.P. Naik, reduces the total number of trips from Quepem and Rivona-Colomb from 1700 trip to 850 trips which mean 425 trips via Quepem town . However the total number trips transported via Quepem town alone exceeded double the limits that is 828 trips.

The notification of the Collector mentions about the timing of mining transport from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm. However as per the monitoring done by the member of the Front the transportation started as early as 5.30 am and the movement of empty truck to the loading point started as early as 4.00 am in the morning thereby disturbing the locals. Similarly the transportation continued via Quepem town even after 7.00 pm. All the trucks were overloaded and were passing in front of the RTO deputed to inspect. There was also no improvement in the speed limit. As the trucks were transporting late evening around 70 trucks were stopped by the villagers of Ambaulim and were sent back.

A incident of speeding truck was noted at Tilamol when a overloaded speeding truck lost control at the speed breaker at Tilamol church and scooterist William Rodrigues who was proceeding from Curchorem to Tilamol narrowly escaped from getting hit by mining truck. The incident was reported by him to the RTO who were present at the Tilamol Junction deputed to monitor the mining truck and the RTO then took quick action by stopping the over loaded truck. Sources informed the said overloaded truck instead of issuing challen the RTO sent back to the mine where they were loaded. But these truck were seen parked at Cindio’s Apartment, Quepem. Hearing the Quick corrective taken by the RTO the mining contractor Subhash Fal Dessai rushed to Tilamol and was arguing with the RTO. The RTO then released the other truck detained at Tilamol.

Speaking to reporters Front member Ajay Pereira condemned the action of Transport contractors who interfered with the law enforcing agencies while carrying out their lawful duties. He further stated that such action against the law enforcing personal is nothing less then Goondagiri – arm-twisting tactics.

The Quepem Taluka Mining Affected People Front Convenor Adv. Fedrick Pereira stated that people will not tolerate such type of tactics. “We are presently only monitoring the mining transport, and if the dadagiri of mining contractor continues than the people of Quepem will take action in the days to come.”

John Fernandes

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