Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Protest launched against Collector's six-to-six order

C/O. Shop No.3, 1st Floor, Residentia de Boa-Fee, Near Bank of India, Quepem-Goa.

Date: 14/4/2010.

The Chief Minister of Goa,

The Collector of South Goa,
Sub: Memorandum.


We, the QUEPEM TALUKA MINING AFFECTED PEOPLE’S FRONT, formed to tackle the problem faced by the villagers of Quepem due to mining hereby, by way of this memorandum brings to your kind notice and demand as under:

1. Review decision in change of Transport Timing: That by order and notification dated 10/4/2010 your office change the operation of mining transport timing for Quepem area from 6.00am to 6.00pm. The earlier timing was 8.00AM to 5.30PM with a gap of 1 hours between 1.00PM to 2.00PM as per the Honourable High Court order passed in writ petition No. 617/2006. Before issuing or notifying the revised timing no locals/Civilian who are affected by the mining transport is/were not taken into consideration.
Was there really a need to change and increase the timining by three hours? As per your order dated 10/4/2010 it is specified that 1700 trips were made by the mining trucks within the earlier stipulated time and as you have reduced the number of trips by 50% which comes to 850 which can be easily accommodated in the earlier timing with better traffic regulations

That even the present timing notified in your order dated 10/4/2010 is not being enforced by the enforcing agencies. Is there any from your office is deputed to monitor and report to you the progress of implementation.

As per our observation the order passed by you is not being complied with as loaded truck from the mine reaches Quepem town as early as 5.30AM which clearly indicates that the loading starts at around 5.00am in the morning while the empty truck starts plying via Quepem as early as 4.00AM in the morning. The operation of mining truck early in the morning is causing lot of health hazards to all the people living by the side of the road.

It seems like there was no watch of the authorities deployed to monitor on the number of trip plying via Quepem town as on Tuesday (13/4/2010) the number of trips transported via Quepem town itself were 828 as monitored by our members. So we demand early review of the decision/order passed by you on 10/4/2010 with regard to timing.

2. The overloading and overspeeding of mining truck is going on unabated and the RTO and the Police deputed to monitor are mere inspectators as no action is being taken against the erring truck which again causes problems to the commuters. Presently the order is only on paper as no complete implementation is not done. So we demand strict implementation of the laws with regard to speed limit and overloading and those interfere with the authorities a strong action should be taken against them.

3. The verification of licence of drivers from outside state is yet to be done though the deadline for verification expires on Tuesday (13/4/210) as a result most of the truck driver employed to drive the mining truck do not have valid/authenticated licences. We demand immediate verification of driving licences of the drivers particularly those from outside Goa.

4. That no sign board specifying the speed limit for mining truck is yet to be erected. We demand immediate errection of sign boards specifying speed limit on Quepem Maina Road.
We hereby kindly request you to do the needful with regard to our above demands at an early date, failing which we shall be constrained to chock our future course of action which you may please take note.

Yours Truly

Adv. Fredrick Pereira

Copy to:
1. The Dy-Collector of Quepem,
2. The Quepem MLA
3. The Dy-S.P. Quepem,
4. The RTO Quepem

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