Saturday, April 17, 2010

Please dismantle MPT's rest and recreation plans for Goa

Dear Praveen Agarwal,

Thank you for your letter and sharing your letter with Costa in Italy.
At the outset I wish to place on record my deep appreciation that you
responded and shared MPT plans with me. A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU!

I did read through the document as well as your letter and found it
extremely absurd that so many stakeholders including gamblers have
been taken care of but not the people of Goa even though the projects
planned are going to change Goa in major way. The plans outlined gives
me an impression that MPT is on an voyage to convert Goa into Free
Port. How come to forgot to mention that in order to implement the
proposals set out you need to hold referendum in order to know the
opinion of people of Goa?

Personally I am against any kind of structural modification at MPT
that would facilitate the docking of Foreign or domestic vessels for
the purpose of 'rest and recreation'. In my personal opinion this is
not healthy for people of Goa that we become servants of global war
industry, providing below the belt services. Instead we must work
towards dismantling of war industry itself so that no need ever arises
for any kind of 'rest and recreation', in military terminology.

I advise you to rethink on this and embark upon re-shaping of the
plans of MPT that would include exclusion of developing any kind of
docking/berthing facility for ships visiting for 'rest and recreation'

I must tell you that this is urgent matter concerning entire
population of Goa and kindly treat this on priority. I expect that you
begin to re-think your plans for MPT so that Goa does not become
strategic 'rest and recreation' destination. It would be truly
unfortunate if do not consider approach as that will led to major
crisis in Goa as people will be left with no option other than - what
I said in my earlier letter - catch the bull by its horns.

So I await for your letter that will declare that the MPT has dropped
its plans to transform Goa as 'rest and recreation' destination for
the global warships in search of 'small brown fucking machines' by
coming Monday 19 April 2010. Your letter like this will do great
service to Goa and surely People of Goa will respect and treat you
with dignity.

Ever warmly,

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