Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mining in Netravali Wildlife sanctuary border

According to the information just received illegal mining activities has started in on the border of Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary. For the past two day it has been noticed by the villagers that 4 wheel loaders are stationed on the site and trucks are deployed transporting iron ore through the forest area. 50 truck loads of iron ore has been transported during the past two days.

When Goa Foundation order to close down the mining inside the sanctuary and the bufffer zones of sanctuary these mines with over 1,500 tonnes of ore was closed down. Hectic activities are noticed by the miners during the past one week wherein local MLA, local ZP member, Urban Development Minister Joaquim Alemao as well as manger of Chowgule mining company was seen inspecting the site.

According to the sources the mining ore is located in the villages of Viliena, Potrem, Todov and Bhatti, all in Sanguem taluka's lush green western ghats forests.

All the attempts to reach the Forest officials in Margao office has proved futile so far due to public holiday today. Reliable sources however informed that the plans are afoot to deploy Goa Police in large numbers in the next few days to facilitate illegal transportation of ore through Western Ghats forest.

Sebastian Rodrigues


Anonymous said...

the information posted has many factual errors. may kindly be reverified whenever such information is received.

MAND said...

Please reveal your identity and also point out the factual inaccuracies that you believe are inherent in this posting so that society at large benefits.