Monday, August 30, 2010

Vanxim kidnappings: Worker, son still untraceable

Jamla Kujur (40) and is son Ashok Kujur (10) who were kidnapped on 19th May 2005 from Vanxim island still remain untraceable inspite of all the police search. Missing tribals Father-Son hails from Chatisgarh, thana Lailunga, Gam Bhagudega, Simvarpar. They were kidnapped at the mid-night from the island and taken towards Bicholim. Jamla was working on the agricultural farm of Silveira family that has stood between those trying to take over the island for the luxury tourism purpose like golf course and luxury villas. Amongst those who are acting to buy of this island is Mahendra Gaunekar from Ponda. Silveira family has paddy fields in a land that developers have their eyes in Vanxim. Jamla was a labourer on these paddy fields for number of years. It is suspected that this kidnapping has been undertaken to discourage Silveira family from cultivating thier land. The family still awaits for the two missing one to return back to Vanxim island. Where is Jamla Kujur? Where is Ashok Kujur? Who has kidnapped them? Is it too difficult to guess? Perhaps the kidnappers and particularly the masterminds of kidnappings are thinking that with the disapearance of the two they can invade and conquer Vanxim island. If this is indeed the case then they are sadly mistaken.

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