Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Public Interest: Scrap exclusive mining roads in Panchwadi

On 30th August 2010 Panchwadi villagers along with Fr Rodrigues met the Minister of Environment Mr Alexio Sequeira at his Raia residence at 9.30 am in the morning regarding construction of mining road through their village.

The villagers enlightened the minister of the ill effects and other problems of dust pollution, heavy traffic in their small village etc. The minister gave them a patient hearing and showed support and offered to help the villagers by stopping the construction of the mining road meant for sesa goa a mining company, but however did not give a concrete promise that the road will be scrapped.

The villagers were happy with the meeting as the minister understood their problem and offered whatever help he can.

This acquisition of 40 hectares of mangrove forest will destroy the ecosensitive area, mangrove are to be protected but with this acquisition everything will be destroyed.
Sesa Goa had purchased 30 hectares of mangrove forest for mining road and dumping of ore, but since this area was tenented they could not construct the road, but now they want the Goa Govt to buy their 30 hectares and another 10 hectares from other owners to construct mining road and loading and unloading of iron ore an the banks of river zuari.

The Sawant and Karapurkar commitee and TERI report conforms the existance of mangrove forest in this area. If road is constructed the Moisal dam which supplies water to the whole village and surrounding areas will get polluted and the whole village will be affected.

Goa Government is acquiring 40 hectares to construct road for public purpose is an eye wash as only Sesa Goa will be using this road, the Government is wrong by claiming the project as public purpose.more than 1500 schedule tribe and 100 schedule caste population will get badly affected with this mining road of Sesa Goa.

It is in public interest that this exclusive road for mining be scrapped.

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