Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Churchill arrogance showered on Panchawdi residents

1. On 16/8/2010 a delegation of Panchawadi Bachao Samiti along with Father Lawrence Rodrigues of St. Anthony’s Church Amblai-Panchawadi met Mr Churchil Alemao Minister for PWD to oppose the 40 hectare Land Acquisition done at Panchawadi by Govt of Goa under an agreement by PWD with M/s Sesa Goa Ltd for Mining Road from Codli to Panchawadi & Loading Bunder at Vizar-Khazan Panchawadi.

2. The request of Panchawadi Bachao Samiti to drop the project since it will adversely affect the ecology & environment & the village as such is not considered by Mr. Churchil.

3. This Land Acquisition is not in public interest & it is for the private benefit of Sesa Goa. However Mr. Churchil supports the project & informed that this is the policy decision of Govt of Goa to allow projects without involvement of public funds. There is no value for Mangroves, paddy fields, environment & ecology. The environment Protection Act, the CRZ have no meaning. Only if any house is affected (i.e. if any house is demolished) due this project then only he will not allow the project. According to him settlements / habitation affected by dust and other environmental pollution have no say. This project is to avoid pollution in some other area & therefore Panchawadi residents will have to suffer pollution. Mining gives service & 2000 truck owners in other areas in the mining industry will survive at the cost of 5000 residents of Panchawadi. The paddy fields & other plantations apart from ecology & environment will be affected by this acquisition. However the truck owners will survive on mining dust & not on bread & butter.

4. PBS’s request to visit the site & judge was out rightly bypassed by the Minister on the grounds that he doesn’t have time. It is well known to the villagers of Panchawadi that politicians have ample time while canvassing for elections & attending opening ceremonies & others private functions of their party workers. They will visit Panchawadi during elections & voters will reward them at that time.

5. According to him oppose to the project since two decades through Gramsabhas have no meaning & the elected body & the Sarpanch is supreme at Panchayat.

6. It appears from the above that we are not in the Democratic country & this is nothing less than Dictatorship or Monarchy. What is the significance of Independence Day Celebration? Is it a million dollar question?

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