Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pictures from Margao Independence day protest

Anthony D'silva from Ambelim today staged a dramatic protest near the collector's office, Margao just minutes before official flag hosting program was to commence. Collector then re-defined Indian independence and ordered police to whisk away Anthony D'Silva to the Margao police station. Anthony wore boiler suit, hung plastic bottles around his neck and held try colour Indian flag in his hand. He also carried a banner with message to Goa sate Chief minister Digambar Kamat to pay attention to problems of Garbage in Goa. Anthony was detained at Margao police station without booking him under any section of the criminal law. Then the protesters from Goenchea Xetkarancho Ekvot who were also protesting at the venue marched to the Margao police station and secured Anthony D'silva's release from the police custody.

Group of freedom fighters like Gurunath Kelekar also took part in the protest.

This posting contains some pictures of the yet another historical day in the life Goa and its common people.

Pictures by Sidharth Karapurkar


Anonymous said...

People who loot Goa live in comfort and style, and peaceful protesters are landed in the custody.

Wa re wah, kya baat hai!

Piyush manush said...