Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vanxim Island sale out controversy update

On 20 August 2010 nearly quater of the islanders were attending court in Panjim Collector's office. At the same time person who filed these cases - Mahendra Gaunekar - was taking some foreigners suspected to be Japanese/Koreans/Chinese in boat around Vanxim island in Mandovi river. Gaunekar few years earlier had done arial survey of the island in a helicopter. This time besides the foreigners Gaunekar was reportedly accompanied by Police officer Allan De Sa in plain clothes. Perhaps he was on unoffcial mission to provide security cover to Gaunekar who has already accepted security deposit of Rs.36 crores from the corporate house in Bangalore who calls themselves ozone. Perhaps there is hole in the ozone already and Gaunekar is in search of new buyers. Archbishop Emirus Raul Gaonsalves as well as Archbishop of Goa Felipe Neri Ferrao are so far quite over this embarasing sin commited by the church in Goa. The guys who are on the move are former Chief Minister of Goa Dr. Wilfred D'Souza, his son-in-law Tulio basically in doing damamge control work in reducing negative publicity to the scandal in cupboard. Fr.Victor Rodrigues in the meanwhile instead of confessing the sin has commited another sin by speaking falsehood that Church is not involved in sale of Vanshi island. His statement is recorded onthe page one of Goamantak Times of 14 August 2010. May he be pardoned. Gaunekar in the meanwhile called up the Parish priest of Vanxim and asked him as to under what authority he made the announcement for the public meeting of August 8, 2010 in Vanxim. It looks like Mahendra Gaonekar has been ordained by the Archbishop of Goa as his assistant and hence exercising his authority over the Parish Priests in Goa. Or perhaps after buying off the Archbishop of Goa he wants to do away with non-conformist parish priest. It looks as if Church in Goa is vertically devided on Vanxim sale out and actually running for cover. The Truth shall set you free.

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