Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mopa villagers served notices to curb freedom of expression on Independence day

Three people from Mopa Vimantal Pidith Xetkari Samiti was served with police notice on Police Inspector of Pernem Police Station Raut Desai on mid night of August 14, 2010. The reason is that Police suspected the aggrieved people of Mopa, Pernem may stage a demonstration on 15th August 2010 in Panjim. Here are the original copies of these notices.

It is indeed a tragedy that on the mid-night of the same night in 1947 India woke up while the rest of the world slept while in Goa State and police wants people of Goa to go in for forced sleep in 2010.

Chief tranquilizer is ironically a dalit MLA Babu Azagaonkar who promotes imperialist model of development crushing people and ecology of Dhargal constituency in Goa under the proposed airport.

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