Monday, August 2, 2010

Panchwadi people files objections to land acquisition for mining roads

Few days ago on July 30 2010 people from Panchwadi filed objections to the land acquisition notice to build road for mining purpose.

Special roads for mining are designed to be constructed to make fast profits for the handful of mining companies that includes merchants from Goa and one British company Vedanta that owns Sesa Goa and Dempo mining companies assets. Vendanta is known for its bad environmental records and perhaps that's why Dempos found a business sense in selling its mining assets to Vedanta. So much Dempos love for Goa! To sell Goa, to loot Goa, to exploit Goa, to make crores of rupees at the cost of Goa's soil and then to indulge in grand acts of philanthropy to keep itself amongst Goa's ruling elites. Other mining companies are no different they are all the birds of same feathers that flock together.

People of Panchwadi deserves to be congratulated for unitedly filing over 600 objections second time during the last few months. Earlier too government had issued land acquisition notice and people of Panchwadi had filed large number of objections. Then government suddenly changed its position and issued another land acquisition notice that over ruling the first one with slight modifications. Perhaps government was testing the patience of the protesting villagers!

Sebastian Rodrigues

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