Saturday, April 19, 2008

Truth escapes from the cracks in the wall!

Devki Katu Velip's house in Colamb has been cracked by the use of explosives by Fomentos.
Young Gautami Velip like everybody else in this over 20 member family sleeps under roof held high by cracked mud walls.

This is a box recovered from the Fomento mines after the explosions.

Mining company officials stayed in the Devki's house during the blasting to experience as to how the experiences tremors. Company now denies ever using the explosives.

Yet truth cannot be suppressed, it escaped from Devki's cracked walls to the villagers and to the rest of the world as well.

Devki Katu Velip with her two sons Rajani Velip and Tulshidas Velip posing with the empty boxes of the used explosives.

Truth then got shared with the villagers of Colamb at the meeting on April 18 2008.

Number of People across the State of Goa have visited Colamb to offer Solidarity.

Villagers including women participated in the meeting on April 18 2008. One of the decisions taken at this meeting is to demand for the dismissal of South Goa Collector for his high handed behaviour with Colamb villagers on April 12 2008.

Current state of the movement were fiercely discussed and debated by all the present for the meet. Great French Revolutionary Thinker Rousseau wrote in his autobiography 'Confession': 'Truth escapes from the cracks in the wall'.
Mining has cracked so many walls of so many houses across the State of Goa. Escaped truth have began flowing like a river.
Sebastian Rodrigues

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