Saturday, April 5, 2008

Now exclusive roads for mining industry in Goa!

As if the amount of land gobbled by mining industry is not enough for Goa's burden, State administration is planning exclusive new roads and by passes for the mining industry in this tiny State of Goa in India. Read the following document to believe how mining companies and the State administration sat together and took decisions to build new infrastrture for mining industry. They however are silent to mention as to whose land will be aquired. Adivasis already lost huge tracks of lands for the mining leases and this is going to be additional burden if roads are taken through agricultural fields and forests. But State Government as well as mining industry does not care for all this after all.


The meeting was chaired by the District Magistrate and the following Officials were present.

1. Shri. P. M. Nagarcenkar, Mamlatdar of Sanguem.
2. Shri Nilu Raut Dessai, Dy. Supt. of Police (Traffic), Margao.
3. The Police Inspector, Curchorem Police Station.
4. Shri Santosh K. Naik, of M/s Smt Ahiliabai Sardessai, Kirpal.
5. Shri M. K. Bhagat, of M/s Smt Ahiliabai Sardessai, Kirpal.
6. Shri Subramany of M/s SMI, Tatodi, Sanguem.
7. Shri Manuel Da Costa, Tudou – Paliem, Sanguem.
8. Shri Amiya Kumar Pali, of M/s G. N. Agarwal
9. Shri V. B. Nair, of M/s Atmaram Palandikar.
10. Shri Pedro F. Dias of M/s Kunda Gharse.
11. Shri A. S. Patil of M/s Chowgule & Company, Costi.
12. Shri P. T. Naidu of Hiralal Khodidas.
13. Shri D. Veeranjangule of M/s Talaulikar & Sons (p) Ltd.
14. Shri Saroj Kumar of M/s R.R. Paiginkar.
15. Shri Manoj Paryekar of M/s B.H. Mavani.
16. Shri Gokuldas Naik of M/s Mineira Nacional Ltd. Cuddegal.
17. Shri C. H. Srinivasa Chary of M/s N.S. Narvenkar, Kalay Mine.
18. Shri Narayan M. Naik, Mine Foreman of M/s S.R.V.S. Verenkar.
19. Shri Rampukar D. V. of M/s Velingkar
20. Shri Sabale A.L. of M/s Velingkar
21. M/s Seva (Balkrishna Avade), Sangod, Sanguem.
22. M/s Marzook and Cadar Ltd., Dharbandora, Sanguem.
23. M/s Sosociedade Timblo Irmaos (P.T.I) Shigao, Sanguem.
24. M/s V. S. Dempo & Company Ltd, Dudal, Sanguem.
25. M/s V. M. Salgaonkar & Brothers, Algote, Sanguem.
26. M/s Amelia Figueiredo, Curpem, Sanguem
27. M/s Emco Goa Pvt. Ltd, Bimbol, Sanguem.

At the outset the District Magistrate welcomed the Officials present and explained that the meeting is basically convened on account of complaints being received from general public regarding parking of mining trucks on the road due to which traffic congestion occurs on account of restrictions of timings imposed for mining trucks entering the Curchorem Town between 7.00 A.M. to 8.00 A.M. and 1.00 P.M. to 2.00 P.M. pursuant to order issued by the Hon’ble High Court.

  1. The District Magistrate explained that there is every possibility of public again approaching the Hon’ble High Court on account of traffic congestion being caused by parking of mining trucks on roads due to restrictions of timings between 7.00 a.m to 8.00 a.m and 1.00 p.m. to 2.00 p.m pursuant to order issued by the Hon’ble High Court.
  2. The District Magistrate further informed that P.W.D. cannot widen the roads beyond the acquired area and wherever possible the roads have been widened.
  3. The District Magistrate also informed that the mining trucks can be detained at mining site and allow them to ply before 15 minutes especially at noon time so that they can reach at Curchorem after 2.00 pm. All the mining Officials present have agreed to stop the loading activities at the mines from 12.00 noon.
  4. The District Magistrate informed all the Officials present to discuss with their higher ups to explore possibility of constructing a road from Uguem to Panchwadi (Capxem) through Mineral Foundation so that the same can be used for mining activities only and can be declared as Mining Road. Pending the decision for construction of this road, the District Magistrate suggested that at least the road of 4 kms may be taken up at the initial stages from Santona to Capxem. The District Magistrate informed that the process of acquisition of land shall be done by the Government on payment of cost and will be handed over to Mineral Foundation for construction of the said road.
  5. The District Magistrate informed all concerned also to explore the possibility of acquiring 5000 sq. mts of land near Sanvordem Tisk junction for parking lot and repairs of mining trucks.
  6. The District Magistrate also informed to explore the possibility of construction of road from Ambaulim junction to Tilamol junction bye passing Quepem Town for the mining trucks coming from Caurem-Pirla side.
  7. The District Magistrate instructed all concerned that for the time being to strictly maintain the restriction of timings of mining trucks entering Curchorem Town from 7.00 a.m to 8.00 a.m. and from 1.00 p.m. to 2.00 p.m. especially during noon time.

The meeting ended with vote of thanks.


District Magistrate,
South Goa District, Margao

All concerned
Through the Mamlatdar of Sanguem for service and return.

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