Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pissurlem's mineral loot for Rs. 20 lakh!

This morning I got great surprise when I was just glanced the oHERALDo newspaper in Goa. On page 5 I noticed that small paragraph appeared with Pissurlem Panchayat being donated with Rupees 20 lakh. It says that this money will be utilized for the welfare of Society.

My second surprise was that the person who had handed over the cheque to the Sarpanch is none other than the man involved in mining activities. It sounds me as if the village was raped, looted and entirely destroyed in all the sides and now some notes of rupees are being thrown to buy some medicine or first-aids.

I would have been more than happy if all these miners who were and are involved in raping and looting the beautiful village “Pissurlem” and selling it to the international market to disclose all the revenue/profits earned in crores for over the period of time of mining in Pissurlem and let us know weather this 20 lakh rupees as constitute what percentage of the foreign exchange earned.

Albert Rodrigues


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