Monday, April 14, 2008

Colamb villagers warn Fomentos of Nandigram-like situation

Colamb villagers today warned Fomento mining company of Nandigram-like situation in case it tries to break the unit of the villagers and villagers unity with number of organisations including GAKUVED, Goa Foundation, and Goa Bachao Abhiyan.

This warning was served to the Fomentos today afternoon when the company official Joe J. Louis, Executive Director of both Infrastructure Logistics Private Limited - dealing with mining on behalf of Fomentos as well as Cidade de Goa - 5 star hotel of Fomentos visited Sulcorna Don Bosco Society and tried to initiate 'talk' with the couple of villagers along with a Salesian Priest.

Joe J. Louis, according to Hanumant Porob of Pissurlem has been the brain behind getting Hanumant arrested due to his opposition to mining in Sattari. Fomentos have invested their profits into Cidade de Goa from the huge gains from Pissurlem mines letting its pristine beauty, water sources and Agriculture go to dogs. Fomentos is one of the culprits along with Damodar Mangalji, Salgaokars and Sesa Goa.

Today Joe J Louis was campaigning against Goa Foundation, GAKUVED, and Goa Bachao Abhiyan (GBA) and asked the villagers to keep these organisations away and get into negotiation with the Company. These organisations according to Joe J Louis are funded by competing mining companies to oppose Fomentos.

Not only Mr. Louis does not want these organisations, he also does not want the rest of the villagers too for he knows that villagers angers will be enough for Fomento team to retreat back to Cidade de Goa.

Joe J Louis also informed the villagers that the son of his boss is all exited due to the negative publicity that has attracted its Colamb mines particularly on the Internet. He took name of Seby Rodrigues as amongst most hated by Fomentos.

Earlier South Goa Collector Gokuldas Naik faced wrath of the Colamb villagers on April 12 2008 when he was accused of siding with the mining company. Collector was told by Motesh Antao that Fomentos should carry on mining activity in Margao where its Public Hearing was conducted and not in Colamb. Collector was warned that in case Fomentos decides to resume Ore transportation then there is going to be law and order problem and he alone will be responsible for the same. Collector was questioned as to how in spite of Gram Sabha resolution opposing mining how can authorities permit this when Gram Sabha is supreme deciding authority.

Panicked Fomentos then decided to press emergency buttons and put their highest officials on diplomatic mission. he phone up Durgadas Gaonkar, President of GAKUVED, then he phoned up Sebastian Rodrigues but received no result from any of the calls. The day is not far when in case Fomentos does de-silt Colamb People's Agriculture then soon Silt will take its natural course into Cidade de Goa's Swimming Pools for tourists to enjoy with love from Goa's mines.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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