Wednesday, April 9, 2008

GAKUVED unit formed in Rivona Panchayat jurisdiction

GAKUVED regional unit was formed at Rivona Panchayat jurisdiction on 05th April 2008. Here is the copy of the minutes of this meeting held in Colamb part of Rivona Panchayat.

The meeting was convened by Gawda, Kunbi, Velip & Dhangar Federation.

In the beginning Shri Rama Velip welcomed the gathering and informed the gathering about motto of the meeting.

Dr. Shri. Avdhoot Prabhudessai from Colamb village has brought to the notice of the gathering about the illegal functioning of the Mines in Colamb village and urged the gathering to keep their unity and fight for their right.

Shri Pravin Sabnis has reiterated that Goa Bachao Abhiyan shall be always with the Colamb villagers to fight for their right. He also brought to the notice of the gathering that the Colamb villagers are the main sources of inspiration for him to support the anti-mining issue.

The president, Shri Durgadas Gaonkar has explained about the ‘Gawda’. He explained that ‘Gawda’ word is derived from the meaning that ‘One who established the village and administered the village’ is called Gawda. He stated that our community has direct contact with our motherland and we shall always defend our motherland. He has stated that GAKUVED was working in Colamb for the last one and half year to educate people of Colamb village about their rights. Today the time has come to come out in the public and to form the local unit of the GAKUVED.

Shri Minguel Braganza stated that the Colamb villagers are the best example of unity and to fight for the right. He has reiterated that you should keep your environment and safe and not to allow anybody to disturb your environment. He gave example of Pissurlem mines as to how the environment is disturbed by mining activities. He has brought to the notice of the gathering that the landowners, tenants and the villagers became beggars before the Mining owners and depends upon the compensation that is given by the mining owners. He requested the gathering not to fall prey to the allowances given by the agents of the mining companies and to keep their unity intact. The GBA will always stand to the side of the Colamb village and will support GAKUVED in their mission.

At the end Shri Rama Velip expressed vote of thanks.

The local unit of GAKUVED was declared in the meeting with Shri Rama L. Velip as President, Shri Umesh Bhatikar as vice-president, Shri Ankush Gaonkar as Secretary, Shri Suresh Kepenkar as Joint Secretary and Smt. Sulaksha Gaonkar as treasurer. Other committee members include Smt. Rutika R. Velip, Shri Rohidas Gaonkar, Shri Pravin Gaonkar, Shri Deelip Gaonkar, Shri Sandesh Shirodkar and Shri Sandesh B. Amolkar.

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