Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cavrem villagers opposes proposed Devapan Dongor Mine

The villagers of Cavrem of Quepem taluka are up in arm to oppose the proposed Devapan Dongor Iron and Manganese ore mine of Shaik Salim. The villagers claim that if permission is given to the said mine than the entire Cavrem village will be wipe out from the map of Goa.

It seems that Shaik Salim owner of Devapan Dongor mine has asked for the renewal of mining lease under T.C.No.01/1951 which covers an area of 83 hactors of Cavrem village of Quepem taluka. That accordingly the Goa Pollution control board has fixed a public hearing on 28th April at 11.00 AM in the Mallikarjun Temple at Cavre to hear/know the impact over environment due to the said mine.

The villagers of Cavrem addressing this correspondent claims that the proposed mining area is situated on the top of the Devapan Dongor which is having a radiant of 40mts. while their houses which are at a distance of around 200 to 300 mts are situated at the bottom of the said hillock, if the mine is permitted to function then our entire village will be destroyed on account of dust pollution and siltation.

The villagers apprehends that their agriculture which is main source of income and which is situated at the foot of the Davapan Dongor is also at danger as the water which is used for irrigation are originates from the said mountain. If the said mine is started than the water resources will be dried up so also our agriculture claim one villager. Moreover the said mine has proposed mining lease over vast track of agricultural land.

The villagers further claims that there are four natural springs out of which water is one spring is diverted into a tank constructed by the PWD to supply it to the entire village. All the four springs originates from the said Devapan Dongor due to the said proposed mine our natural water resources are at stake.

That 80% of the villagers of Cavrem are Tribals who are having their places of worship on the said Devapan Dongor, if the proposed mine the said mine will destroy these places and will ultimately destroy tribal identity claims the villagers further.

One Sandeep Velip claims that the government hesitates to give us few acres of government land which we have encroached and had done cultivation over it in the village , on the other hand the same government does not even hesitate to gives lakhs of government forest land from the village to mine owners. Producing survey documents said Sandeep claims that the proposed mine will be vast track of government land from the village.

The villagers speaking to reporters claims that at any cost they will not allow the mine to function.

John Fernandes

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