Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mining trucks overloading in Rivona-Tilamol road

The villagers of Tilamol Rivona Complains that they have to constantly face the problem of constant traffic jam over the Tilamol Rivona road since the starting of the mining season. The movement of traffic on these road is so heavy that the villagers even find it difficult even to cross the road.

The concerned department since the death of Satish Rivonkar in March 2010 in order to ease out the problem of traffic jam on the Quepem Curchorem main road , the mining truck plying via Rivona Colomba side are regulated at Tilamol. The number of truck plying on these rout is so much that the line of mining truck from Tilamol extends upto Rivona bazaar over a length of 9 kms.

The movement of loaded truck from Rivona Colomba towards Tilamol and the empty truck moving in the opposite direction constantly leads to traffic jam, which causes unbearable hardship to the common man, Complains Mrs. Olinda Lopes a villager of Rivona. She further informed that the villager of Rivona in September 2010 had written to the Dy-Collector Quepem requesting there in not to park the mining truck on the main road but to park them at Pandova Sodo Rivona as suggested in a meeting held in April 2010 with the collector. But the Dy-Collector Quepem is yet to do the needful to root out the problem faced by the villagers. Informed said Olinda Lopes further.

The villagers of Rivona informed that the mining truck plying on the Tilamol Rivona road are not complying with the order of the Hon’ble High with regard to loading. "The trucks are overloading and the police deputed are not doing their duty to take action against the overloading truck that too inspite of getting this fact to the police" said Lopes further. Armed with evidence she informed that the mining truck plying via Rivona carrys two loading slips - one written by hand while the other is a computer copy. The computer copy mentions the exact weight while the handwritten slip mentions the weight as mentioned in the registration certificate of the truck. Evidence furnished to this correspondent confirms that the trucks carry more than 21 tons.

Photo annexed: Seen in the photo 1) A big queue of mining truck at Rivona near the school. 2) A Truck bearing No.GA-09-U-0672 operating from magnum Minerals Private Ltd. carries two slips one is handwritten which mentions the gross weight as 17,700 tons while the computer copy mentions the gross weight as 21430 tons.

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Good people think good and thats the order of the day should be. I am suprised to see that self centered people are increasingly becoming good towards the lawless people and harresing the law lovers. If the people in authority thinks that this is the way it should be than its high time that at ground zero some discipline is to be shown to the cencern people who think that they are right, can do anything and control the lifes of others. Sleeping Joe's please wake up before it is too late, light up and hear the cries of the people. Thank mother earth and eat only as much as you can.