Saturday, November 6, 2010

Meet to protest sale of Vanxi island

On Sunday November 7, 2010 at 4.00 pm public protest meet will take place on Vanxi island in Mandovi river, Tiswadi taluka, Goa.

This is the third public meeting over the past four months in Vanxi after local people shifted gears to accelerate the pace of their agitation after Goa Archbishop sold the island to one Mahendra Gaunekar, who in turn accepted huge sums of money running into crore to clean up the island of nearly 100 people and make way for golf course, 5 star hotel, spa, luxury villas and marina.

The islanders has rapidly build alliances with number of organisations across the state of Goa and taking on the might of politically and economically powerful foes that includes banks, industrialists, ministers, MPs etc.

Few weeks back local St. Mathias panchayat had witnessed noisy scenes after organised villagers caught the authorities on wrong foot over the issue of medical doctor forced on island by the Golf tourism promoters as an act of charity and public relations combine.

Islanders has received very good response from the people they contacted and even entered in the mainstream media in its coverage. Few days ago local TV channel Goa 365 aired an interview with local Sarpanch who was dismayed at the vehement protests by the islanders. he sought to clear the name of the Panchayat from involvement in any graft scandal related to the project. He declared that the Panchayat has not received any file of the project and blamed the former panchayat member from Panchayat - Domnic - of accepting bribes relating to golf course.

After television interview islanders visited Dominic's house at 8.30 am yesterday and grilled him thoroughly till 3.30 pm. tomorrow's meeting is expected to draw number of people from neraby areas - particularly from Cumbarjua constituency that is represented by Pandurang Madkaikar who is alleged to be one of the kingpins behind the conspiracy to impose Golf course cum 5 star hotel on the Vanxi islanders.

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