Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chichinim oppose market complex in agricultural land

“After studying the SGPDA Market Complex at Margao, which is stinking due to organic waste, plastic and other garbage thrown in the surrounding fields and properties, and after studying the Garbage thrown in low lying areas during filling at Margao and Navelim l, we recommend that the Chinchinim Market complex cum Panchayat Ghar be relocated to the existing CRC football Ground, so at to save our Chinchinim Cemetery, Church, School and prime paddy fields”, states Mr Frank Martins, President of Chinchinim Citizens Committee.

The President of the Union of Chinchinim Villagers, Mr Joe .M. Furtado also states that Chinchinim, which is the birth place of many football players, deserves Stadium cum Market Complex with other infrastructure near CRC football ground since it is centrally located and will not disturb the environment in any way.

Mr Jerry Fernandes, Ex - Dempo Sports Club football player, is also of the above opinion and states that the present part filling which has taken place should be turned into a beautiful garden for senior citizen and children as a due respect to all our departed.

Mr Delano Da Costa, Vice-President of Chinchinim Citizens Committee and member of Goenchea Xetkarancho Ekvott, also in favour of relocation of Market Complex, and states that due to Global warming our top priority should be to save the prime cultivated paddy fields, endangered species of frogs, turtles and other Flora & Fauna, as well as our forests. The Departments of Water Resources, Environment, Forests and Town & Country Planning should have guided the Government not to construct the Market complex in paddy fields. “During this environmental and economic crisis, the policy of self-praise through laying of foundation stones on one's own birthday, should be stopped”, he has further pointed out.

The unfortunate farmers who are struggling in sun and rain to cultivate paddy fields are yet to be recognized, since the National Farmers Policy 2007 is not implemented by the present selfish Government, inspite of repeated requests. The politicians and bureaucrats are again requested to implement correct policies, before it is too late for Goa.

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