Friday, November 19, 2010

GOAMAP objects to Alemao manipulation of mining employment statistics

Goa Federation of Mines Affected People (GOAMAP) takes strong objections to the manipulation of mining generated employment indulged in by Minister Churchill Alemao. Mr. Alemao stated that mining industry generates employment for 5 lakh people in an interview published in 2010 issue of UAE Goan Review.

GOAMAP considers this as the gross manipulation of statistics and demands Churchill Alemao to make the names of 5 lakh people employed by mining industry public. GOAMAP also wants to know from Mr. Alemao the break up of as to how many people of the 5 lakh are employed on contract basis and those on permanent basis.

GOAMAP is of the considered opinion that Mr. Alemao has been inflating the employment figures only protect his family businesses including his Minister brother Joaquim Alemao involved in mining that is rapidly destroying Goa.

GOAMAP however congratulates Mr. Alemao for admitting in the same interview that in case mining in Goa is stopped government will fall. This is very true considering that fact that it is the mining companies that are involved in running the Goa government. So from this it becomes clear that Mr. Alemao is totally insensitive to the gross ecological destruction of Goa including the western ghats and wants mining to carry on so that government does not fall. GOAMAP urges Mr.Alemao to wake up from his slumber and stop being advocate of mining industry.

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