Thursday, January 7, 2010

Villagers say 'No' to Syngenta sponsored medical camp in Mangado

Villagers opposing pesticides plant Syngenta in Mangado added one more significant step in their movement when they compelled Lions Club of Old Goa to call off Syngenta sponsored medical camp in the village on last Sunday January 03, 2010.

Mangado villagers questioned the former Syngenta offcial Rataboli as to how their village is missing from EIA report on Syngenta expansion. Rataboli was accused of using Lions Club of Old Goa to carry on the Public relations exercise for the pesticides company. Lions club officials admitted this fact and resolved not to let the club name to be tarnished in this manner.

After getting hostile reception from the villagers Syngenta staff that had assembled to conduct medical camp along with Lions Club officials and some government doctors Police was called in to pacify the situation. On the arrival of Police force villagers quickly evacuated the medical camp campus - a school building - and came on the public road. Syngenta staff left the venue with police protection in the face of angry public.

Mangado and Dhulapi are twin villages that has suffered major loss of their land livelihood 40 years ago when the fertile land was handed over to the Pesticides plant then known as Ciba of India limited. Villagers revolt then was violently put down by the State then headed by Chief Minister Dayanand Bandodkar.

Villagers invited Lions club of Old Goa to conduct their programs on health including medical camps sans sponsorships from Syngenta. Villagers current agitation to reclaim their land taken over by Syngenta and converted for industrial purpose.

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