Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The story of the August Rose

Amiya Bhusan Sarkar's theory titled "A Number theoretic Identity" in Mathematics has been published in Sutra : International Journal of Mathematical Education volume 2 Number 2, 2009. It can be downloaded from the links below:


Amiya Bhushan Sarkar had worked on this paper while he was student of M.Sc at Department of Mathematics at Goa University few years ago. Amiya has played very vital role as active participant in Nature Environment Society and Transformations (NEST) that was founded by late Dr.Bikram Dasgupta. Amiya is also very good violinist learned from his teacher in Santa Cruz village and practiced it regularly while he stayed at Goa University boy's hostel.

Currently Amiya is at his home at Maymenshing, Bangladesh making busy with teaching students in tutions classes. Amiya has been foundational inspiration to me as well in terms of directions for critical engagements in transformation projects while I was pursuing my higher studies at Goa University. He is single most powerful influence underlining importance of rigorous study. He continuously stressed : Study, study, study/ work, work work... He scribbled these words several times on my note pads. His scribblings are imprinted deeply on my mind ever since.

Even though I do not understand the level of mathematics involved in his theory but still feel pleased that his theory is now accessible to the World. I have a good fortune in being part of the mission to get theory published. The mission was code named "the Rose in August" from the August 2008 the efforts had began. Amiya requested me to work on this in July 2008. However then I was busy in other things and told him that I could do somethings possible within my limits from August onwards.

The first step involved included the locating the typed papers of his theory he left with me while he hastily left for Bangladesh leaving his law studies at Salgaoncar Law College incomplete. He was thrown out from Goa University hostel. I found that white ants had attacked my stock of papers and his theory papers too was attacked. Luckily the printed matted escaped from attention of white ants.

The next step was to scan it and circulate to my contacts worldwide. But this could not fetch very good results as one of reviews even brushed it aside saying that there is nothing in it. Amiya refused to bulged down with all round rubbishing of his work. Then began the search of contacts of Journals in Mathematics available at Goa University library. The scanned paper was send as mass e-mail with a polite letter of introduction and contacts of Amiya in Bangladesh.

Once when we could not see the light of the day Amiya began questioning my efforts. I lost my head on him then (I am sorry for it Amiya!) and told him that my role is over now as I had done my level best to circulate his theory.

Just when we (rather I) were thinking that everything was lost then came the message from the Sutra International Journal seeking to publish his theory. Amiya was required to do the fresh typing modifications but ill equipped to do so from rural Bangladesh he is currently located at. I had no expertize to do so. At this juncture he was assisted by his old friend mathematician Stephan Barreto currently teaching at Padre Consecao College of Engineering, Verna, Salcete, Goa.

And few days back he sent me the links of the Journal where his theory was published. I could not believe it! Amiya wanted this news to be published in newspapers in Goa. I asked for his photograph. He readily sent it.

I must be failing in my duty if I do not share that he took 8 years to complete his M.Sc from Goa University. But never gave up. He had to learn English from the scratch. This took many years.

I conclude this note saying BIG CONGRATULATIONS! to Amiya and quote one of the most overwhelming sms I ever received from anyone. I received it yesterday from Amiya "Dear Seby, Please write the story about August Rose briefly, really I don't know about this story."

So here I dedicate this space to you Amiya and your wonderful presence in Goa for one full decade. This is a story of August Rose that bloomed in January for eternity. An inspiration to all the students everywhere particularly on the coast of Arabian Sea that you are so found of and led you to Goa! I am sure Prof Sadashiv Deo, the then Mathematics department head would be delighted to know about this and happy that he played his role in bringing rare treasure to study in Goa. Amiya has just remembered his late father who was school teacher and called Amiya 'Happy'. I am sure his father is very happy at this moment in the life of his son to whom he protected against all odds specially in the days as refugee in North-East India after Indo-Bangladesh war.

Salute to you Amiya!

Sebastian Rodrigues

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