Monday, January 18, 2010

Mining ills awareness meeting held in Assolna

Public meeting to conduct awareness about ill effects of open cast iron ore mining industry was held at Lohiya Chowk, Assolna, Salcete Goa on Sunday January 17, 2010. The meeting was organized by Goa Federation of Mine Affected People (GOAMAP).

Meet began with floral tribute to Ram Manohar Lohiya at the Martyr's memorial by the participants of the meeting that came from GOAMAP, Goenchea Xetkarancho Ekvott (GXE), Gawda Kunbi Velip and Dhangar Federation (GAKUVED), Navelim Civic and Consumer Forum and members of the public.

Meeting was coordinated by Anthony D'silva. Number of important ideas came for discussion at the meeting that was conducted with use of mega phone. Motesh Antao, Advocate John Fernandes, Rama Velip, Cruz Rodrigues, Durgadas Gaonkar, Jessica, Sebastian Rodrigues, and Abhijit Prabhudesai addressed the meeting. Sharlet D'silva proposed vote of thanks.

Some of the key ideas that emerged from the meeting includes:

  1. Most of Goa is heading towards severe water shortage and environmental disaster due to prevailing mining companies. State government has full knowledge of this trend and it is not acting to change the tide. This must be either Goa is ruled by bunch of fools or it is ruled by enemies of people of Goa. In both the cases State government needs to be toppled.
  2. All the State Governments from Dayanand Bandodkar to Digambar Kamat has favored mining industry that is today threatening to gallop the entire state of Goa. There is a need for citizens to rise up to clean sweep State's political scenario currently infested irrational priorities accorded for mining industry in Goa.
  3. State's environmental and water crisis are only reflection of State's political crisis.
Sebastian Rodrigues

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