Monday, January 25, 2010

Goa Sudharop youth award to Motesh Antao

Motesh Antao from Colamb - a well known for his tirade against mining industry in Goa - has has won the Goa Sudharop Youth award. The award ceremony was held on January 14, 2010 in Panjim. The citation for the award reads as "for his sustained struggle against as well as his pro-active role in the solidarity against illegal and destructive mining in Goa." Goa Sudharop, a Community Development Inc. USA is an organisation of Goan diaspora, volunteer, non-profit organisation working for betterment of Goa and Goans worldwide based in California, USA with Ibonio M.B.D'Souza as its Goa Representative.

Motesh Antao was awarded with a certificate of citation and cheque of Rs.10,000/-. Mining companies has registered several cases against Motesh Antao at Quepem Police station for his support to the Colamb villagers in raising their voice against mining aggression of his village - agriculture, water bodies and forest cover. His is also farmer whose agricultural land - paddy fields - are at severe risk due to mining of iron ore in at his neighborhood by Fomento mining company that operates Hiralal Khodidas mining lease 06/1949.

Jessica Fernandes from Goenchea Xetkarancho Ekvott was awarded Youth award for her defense of agriculture in Goa. The award ceremony took place in Panjim on January 14, 2010.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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