Sunday, January 17, 2010

Condolence meet in memory of Dr. Bikram Dasgupta

Close associates of Dr.Bikram Dasgupta gathered together on January 16, 2010 at his Chorao Island residence in Goa to remember the man that has given selflessly so much to their lives and to society.

Meeting began with Advocate Jatin Naik speaking - as seen in the picture in this posting by Anibel - about Dr. Dasgupta. he said Dr. Dasgupta appreciated Karl Marx. He further divulged that Dr.Dasgupta was just not a marxist thinker but was a communist. Jatin said that Dr.Dasgupta thought him that Marxism was not just about Karl Marx but it was also about Engels. Dr. Dasgupta he said was a greatest emotional person. Dr. Dasgupta remained atheist till the end of his life and that's why he was hated by society. he believed that organised religions is all about exploitation. He was a great admirer of Lenin and Bhagat Singh. He held that Gautam Budha was a greatest communist. Dr.Dasgupta had a very deep understanding of nature and he considered himself as left green. He believed that one who is true left can become good green. Jatin said that it was a irony that Dr.Dasgupta was not honored by Goa University. Dr. Dasgupta's demise according to Jatin is a death of a great polymoth. Dr. Dasgupta greatly admired Damodar Dharmanand Kosambi. Overall Jatin described Dr.Dasgupta as a Revolutionary thinker and led revolutionary life.

Sebastian Rodrigues shared his humane experiences with Dr.Bikram Dasgupta from 2001 when he first met him. He said Dr.Daspupta believed in living a life free from ghettos. It was Dr. Bikram Dasgupta that helped him to realize the importance of knowledge while indulging in any kind of activism. This helped Sebastian to strike a combination between knowledge and Courage. it is from here that Seabstian learned the importance of doing studies.

Prof. Afonso, a retired philosophy teacher teacher from Dempe college said that Dr.Dasgupta appreciated dissenters and not conformists. Dissenters do not belong to majority. Hiroshima Day is what brought Prof.Afonso in contact with Dr.Dasgupta. Prof. Afonso said Dr. Dasgupta lacked personal discipline and there is a need to analyze his shortcomings.

Advocate Vilas Porob was full of emotional pain while speaking. He fondly recollected his memories with Dr.Dasgutpa and all the scolding he received from him. he said at that time he never realized the reason why Dr.Dasgupta was scolding him. And today when realized it is too late as Dr.Dasgupta is no more around.

Dr. Rajendra Gad from Physics department, Goa university read out the condolence message from one of Dr. Dasgupta's direct students from Chemistry Department, Goa University - Sajo Naik - based in USA and working in the field of nano technology. Rajendra said that Dr. Dasgupta had interdisciplinary approach that has a potential to solve many of the pressing problems of the day. In addition he had a knowledge across generations.

Architect Pravin Sabnis said he had connected with Dr. Dasgutpa on the issue of rationalism. Pravin was stuck by Dr. Dasgupta's advice to him to participate in programs with wife and child. He said he was amongst the rare and courageous of human beings whose both sides of brain functioned with equal efficiency.

Advocate Thalman Pereira said that he had met Dr.Dasgupta for just two days during last years NEST pre-conference in Banda, Maharastra wherein there was high intensity discussions. He said that Dr.Dasgupta was a man who could take criticism that is rare quality in people of his stature in the world.

Reggie Gomes disclosed that one the day Dr.Dasgupta was admitted in hospital - January 09, 2010 - was supposed to be the day of launching of NEST study group. He suggested that this study group must take off now.

Advocate Laxmikant Phadte who shared almost a decade in association with Dr.Dasgupta recalled terrific criticism he received for his views. Laxmikant held that Library is not burnt with Dr.Dasgupta's death but several libraries are ignited in our minds.

Durgadas Gaonkar, President of Gawda, Kunbi, Velip and Dhangar Federation (GAKUVED) recalled the new direction the Dr.Dasgupta gave to GAKUVED. Dr. Dasgupta was instrumental in triggering a shift from reservation issue to land issue to GAKUVED organization.

Vandana Chopra who had associated with Dr.Dasgupta said that he continously urged her to write but she disappointing him. She said in spite of poor response for programs he organized he continued with perseverance. Vandana quoted her father "Dr.Dasgupta has been killed by Society."

Govind Potekar recounted his relationship with Dr. Dasgupta since 2003. He said Dr.Dasgupta urged him to write on Hiroshima Day. When he did write then he was very happy and excited and told Govind that he was the only person tow about Hiroshima Day in English Press on that day.

Professor Afonso suggested to prepare and publish a volume of essays containing the ideas of Dr.Dasgupta so that these can help other people in the world who rebel and suppressed by Society.

Sebastian Rodrigues

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