Friday, January 29, 2010

GOAMAP condemns arrests of Usgao mining trucks protestors

Goa Federation of Mines Affected People (GOAMAP) condemns the arrest of Catholic Priest Felix Lobo long with 5 other women by Police at the complaint of truck owner yesterday in Usgao while they were protesting transportation of iron ore through reckless movement of trucks that hit and injured young child on the road. GOAMAP demands the cases against Fr.Felix Lobo and other 5 women be withdrawn with immediate effect and mining transportation in Usgao be stopped forever.

GOAMAP supports the actions of the People of Usgao in blocking of the mining transportation after the authorities - including Goa’s Chief Minister - has turned blind eye and deaf ears to the people from the mining belt. Road blockades are resorted to by people under these desperate conditions.

GOAMAP also express solidarity and support to people from Bicholim town that also blocked mining trucks transporting Ore from Goa and Maharastra from causing innumerable problems to the town people.

Two simultaneous road blockade of mining trucks – one in Usgao and other in Bicholim – yesterday only goes about to show the extend of horror that mining industry has inflicted and the level of desperation that people of Goa are reaching towards.

GOAMAP holds that open cast iron ore mining and its transportation in Goa is major Public Health hazard that needs to be stopped at the earliest. Why should People of Goa suffer to benefit China and British Vedanta, and few local mining business tycoons?

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