Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tiger/tigress present in Quepem Forest in Goa

Against the claim of Forest department that there are no tigers in the forest of Goa, villagers of Cavrem Maina of Quepem taluka claims that there are tigers inhabitants in forest of Cavrem - Maina.

Villagers of Cavrem claims that they have personally seen tigers attacking cattles. One Fondu Velip of Cavrem stated that 8 days back he had personally seen a tiger attacking a cow in the Devapan Dongor Forest while cleaning the cashew plantation. “That when I cleaning my cashew plantation a tiger attacked a grazing cattle when I shouted the Tiger left the cattle and run away."

One Tulshidas Velip of Velipwada Cavrem informed that few days back they had seen a bison in the Forest of Savrem Kodem Donger which was partly decomposed. Most of the parts of the byson were eaten. The bison certainly would have been killed by a Tiger as no other forest animal can kill a bison. He further informed that since last few days a full grown bull of Sada Babu Velip of Velipwada, Cavrem is missing. These are the signs of presence of Tiger in the area he informed further.

Villagers of Cavrem Maina informed that as there are Tigers in the Forest of Maina and Cavrem, the forest cover in Jolerancho Dongor, Devapan Dongor Adoshi Dongor, Savri Koden Dongor, Zori Dongor requires to be protected as the same is under threat due to rapid mining activities going on in the area.

When contacted RFO Kirlagali Cavrem Shri Suresh Pednekar informed that his officials informed him that they have seen a tigress moving in the forest of Kirlagali, Cavrem. He further informed that he has personally not seen the presence of Tigress in the Kirlagal Forest, but in the days to come he will personally try to find out the presence of Tigress in the area.

John Fernandes

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