Monday, November 23, 2009

GOAMAP urges President of India to visit Goa's mining areas

Goa Federation of Mines Affected People (GOAMAP) appeals to President of India Pratibha Patil currently on visit to Goa to pay urgent attention to massive disasters caused by open cast Iron Ore, Manganese and Bauxite mining in Goa.

The entire State of Goa is being massively destroyed due to continues aggressive mining with the total scandalous blessings from Government of India through Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) – that is so lavish is careless dishing out of Environmental Clearances, and through Ministry of Mines that supervises Goa’s fast pace destruction over exports mostly (86% in 2008-2009) to China. Goa government too has positioned itself against the long term interest of Goa and maintained studied silence over this issue.

Large number of attempts by the People of Goa – including the large scale oppositions to the mining projects at the Public Hearing conducted under Environment Protection Act – has gone without being respected and the Indian State has launched colonial aggression against Goa’s population.

GOAMAP urges President of India Ms Pratibha Patil to undertakes a visit to Goa’s mining belt covering villages of Sirgao, Pissurlem, Mayem, Bordem, Lamgao, Bicholim town, Sanvordem, Colamb, Cavrem, Maina, Pali, Advalpal, Sancorda and other areas to witness first hand fast paced disappearances of its land including paddy fields and western ghats mountains for the sake of Foreign exchange to India and nothing to Goa other than a fortune to few mining companies including British multinational Vedanta that owns two mining companies in Goa – Sesa Goa and Dempos.

If President of India Ms Pratibha Patil shares any sympathy and love for the People of Goa then she must demand ban on mining in Goa and use her good office bring about end to the suffering of People of Goa by putting a halt to mining industry in Goa. People of Goa will only be overjoyed and will remain in her gratitude forever if she acts boldly against mining industry in Goa.

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