Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mining takes its first blood in this season‏ in Quepem

A retired seaman Shri Remedio Quodros, resident of Pimpolcotto, Quepem, became the first victim of reckless and irresponsible mining transportation via Quepem town of this season since it began on 19th October 2009.

It may be recalled that Remedio Quodros on 5th November was dashed by a overloaded mining truck bearing number GA-09-U-0507 at Amona road due to which he suffered severe injuries to his head. He was then admitted in GMC hospital Bambolim where on 9th October breadth his last. His funeral is fixed on 11th Oct. at 9.30 AM.

Due to the rackless and irresponsible transportation of mining truck resulted in series of accident, constant traffic jam in Quepem town in the last couple of days.

Villagers of Quepem are angry over the death of Remedio and at any time may turn violent . The Villagers informed herald that the administration that is functioning is responsible for all the mess in Quepem town that is being created by the mining truck. They further informed that all the officers including the Dy-Collector, the RTO, the Executive Magistrate, the police are not bother to take action against the erring mining truck. One villagers who don’t want to disclose his name asked that the police who demand Rs.200/- from per truck as monthly installment, "will you expect them to take action against the erring truck?"
One villager informed that by administrative order of the Dy-Collector of Quepem specified the speed limit for the mining truck in Villages as 40 mph while in municipal area as 30 mph but neither the collector or any of the the concerned officers bothered to erect sign board or implement the order. The orders passed by the Dy-Collecotor are show pieces.

The Quepem police has deputed police in Quepem town to regulate the traffic, but these police instead of doing the work of policing are working as employee of the mining company as they are not bothered to take action against the over-loaded or over speeding mining trucks, informed John Fernandes of Bibtimol.

"Transporting mining via Quepem town has become a money making business for the local representatives and the administrator but it has become a death bed for villagers of Quepem" expressed bazarkar of Quepem who is fighting against the mining transport.

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