Thursday, November 12, 2009

Goa ministers to operate Maina mining?

Goa Urban development Minister Mr. Joaquim Alemao and the Home Minister Mr. Ravi Naik are planning to start a mine at Jolerancho Dongor Maina Quepem.

Confirmed sources informed that on Sunday (8/11/2009) both the urban development minister and the Home minister in their private cars visited the site of the mine at Maina.

The mining lease of Joleranch Dongor mine bearing mining Lease No.44/51 having an area of 61.35 hectares is held by Shantatilal Kushaldas and Irmas of Margao. The Public Hearing of the said mine was held on 2/8/2008 at Paik Dev Temple hall Maina. At the Hearing around 200 villagers opposed for the renewal of the mining lease.

The said mine was then illegally operated by one Ambo is now set to be operated by our two big tycoon from the legislative assembly.

Mining bosses are laws unto themselves as can been seen from the violation done by them and the action taken by the authorities. Now our law makers entering into the mining business will worsen the situation. Even the truck owner/driver who are known for overloading and over speeding and for violating every traffic rule will be sharply unscrupulous in the days to come. The most sufferers will be the villagers of Quepem from where the ore is transported.

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