Monday, November 30, 2009

Syngenta gas leaks generates wave of protests in Dhulapi

Gas leak from Swiss multinational pesticides plant located at Dhulapi, Tiswadi on November 26 2009 night send wave of protests amongst the villagers in the neighborhood villages. Leakage of gas from this factory at Santa Monica works led to disturbances of school students of Sharada English High School located towards the east of the factory in Marcel village.

Parents of the affected students has filed the complaint with school authorities in this regard.

Later in the evening at around 9.00 pm again the leakage in the factory was smelled by the Dhulapi villagers. Villagers had already intimated Police authorities about the routine leakage after November 13 mock drill fiasco in the village. This time villagers telephoned police phone number got police on the spot at the gate of the Syngenta on Highway at 1.30 am in the mid-night with fire brigade accompanying the police. Syngenta's security refused to let in police as well as the fire brigade inside the gate immediately and engaged in delay tactics for the 45 minutes. At around 2.15 am police, fire brigade and villagers were invited to enter inside the factory gate. The villagers then refused to enter and protested the delay tactics adopted by the Syngenta management. Villagers then took fire brigade personel into the Dhulapi village where in leaked smell of chemicals was strongly felt.

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