Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tribes protest Panchwadi Sesa Goa mining road project

The ST community of Panchwadi along with other residents held a meeting today morning at Mallar near vizar matt. The strong gathering was determined to stop the destruction of their pristine village by the govt and a mining company.

The meeting started with numerous speakers waiting to express their grievances and advice. Mr Cristev said that there exists a pathway, bullock cart track passing through survey nos 167,166,165,161,163,159,158,154,157 of village Panchwadi which these ST community are using to take their cattle for grazing, cashew plantation and for Kumeri cultivation.

The Goa government through the PWD is acquiring this road in the name of public purpose and handing out to Sesa Goa mining company for construction of mining road which will help the mining giant own a road private road from their mines to a jetty . This road is passing through the pristine village of Panchwadi and close to Moisal dam. The road which is illegal as there is no public purpose in it will destroy the ST community , pollute the Moisal dam which serves water to a large area beyond Panchwadi.

The dust and noise pollution which will arise due to this road will give innumerous trouble to entire panchwadi village and will even affect their health like the residents of Sanvorden and Quepem who suffer from tuberculosis and other diseases specially lung related.

The ST community and other villagers have decided to oppose any project that will destroy the environment of their village and will not hesitate to come on the road.

The people have earlier complained to all concern authorities but were all deaf with greasing palms.

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