Sunday, October 17, 2010

Goa tribes revolt against Curtorim Commundade

The villagers of sao Jose de Areal (Nesai) held a dharna in front of the communidade building in Curtorim with placards . This silent and peaceful dharna was held to protest the new auction for stone crushers and quarry in the village of St Jose de Areal.

The attorney of the communidade Dr Ernes Rodrigues along with office staff met 4 representatives of the villagers to discuss the issue of new auction. The people questioned the attorney as to why only the hills of st jose de areal were subjected to destruction and not any hills from Curtorim, they accused him of safe guarding curtorim village and destroying St Jose de Areal, The announcement of auction was done only in Curtorim and maina church and why not in the village of St Jose de Areal and why not notices were sent to areal Church. The angry villagers asked the attorney whether villagers of areal were not humans and only Curtorim villagers were humans.

The attorney under pressure of hundreds of villagers standing outside the building who shouted at the attorney to come out of office, later agreed to give in writing and a written note was given by him mentioning the auction was cancelled for both days as mentioned. There was police personnel present in the communidade building. Soon after the letter signed by Dr Ernest Rodrigues was given to the villagers , slogans were heard and the villagers later had a peaceful victory morcha was held in Curtorim village from communidade building to the market, and ended in front of St Alex Church.

The villagers took a resolution in front of the church to demand the same land for cultivation, and hence forth villagers decided to keep strict vigil on the communidades in case of further plans of destruction of their village.

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