Friday, October 8, 2010

Kushawati in mining silt

Kushawati river is flowing with Muddy water which is a sign of large scale catchment area of this river is disturb on account of ongoing mining activities.

Village sources of Cavrem, Maina and Colomba informed that around 10 to 15 mines are in operation in catchment area of Kushawati river which is responsible for increasing the torpidity of the water. Village sources further informed that previously muddy water flows into the Kushawati river only when it rains heavily and it used to get diluted within a day but now even without there being heavy rains the Kushawati river flows with muddy water which continues for days together.

Villagers from Cavrem and Colomba informed that the mining companies pumps large scale muddy water from the mining pits and releases it into the rivulet of Kushawati which results in increasing the torpidity of the water in Kushawati river.

John Fernandes

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