Friday, October 22, 2010

GOAMAP protests attempts to expand mining in Sattari

Goa Federation of Mines Affected People (GOAMAP) takes strong objections to the public statement of Mr. Vishwajit Rane that his Assembly election victory in Goa’s Valpoi constituency is green signal for mining in Sattari.

GOAMAP urges Mr. Rane to to behave as an elected representative and not as an agent of mining industry.

Mr. Rane’s vetting of mining in Sattari is baffling particularly because Sattari is showcase of mining disasters in Pissurlem and Honda villages. The Ecological and Public Health concerns of these villages has grown to deeply critical levels. Its agriculture is totally ruined. People in agriculture has created loss of jobs and employment and paddy fields has been left uncultivable. People there has become ecological refugees.

Mining is huge usury of wealth of Goa. Last year alone mining industry earned Rs.25 lakh crores of rupees and Goa government was paid less than Rs. 30 crores! Mr. Rane is involved in supporting this robbery of Goa actively.

The heath of the villagers of Pissurlem and Honda and even of nearby Kerim villagers who work in Pissurlem mines has gone for a toss with large scale Tuberculosis and Bronchitis due to high level of dust pollutuion. Mr. Rane as Goa’s Health Minister should have known this very well before misguiding people.

GOAMAP wish to remind Mr. Vishwajit Rane that Sattari is one of the major Western Ghats Talukas of Goa which is ecologically sensitive and mining is an enemy of this bio-diversity rich region of Goa.

GOAMAP calls upon the People of Goa to be watchful of the intentions of Mr. Vishwajit Rane and defeat his intentions of expanding mining in Sattari and other parts of Goa.

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