Sunday, October 3, 2010

Doctor decoy for Gaunekar in Vanxim today

Unknown man and woman today entered controversial island of Vanxim and canvassed that they are doctors and asked people to be their patients. The doctor couple has told the villagers that they will be beginning their practice in house that is under control of Mahendra Gaunekar, the man who has received Rs.25 crores as security deposit to clear this island of people and hand it over for corporates. The intension of doctor couple may not be difficult to guess: to clear the way for Golf tourism in the island. So called Doctors are looking for patients or victims is anyone's guess. Guess is easy to make. So called doctor also visited the sites where villagers had planted the vegetables yesterday.

Yesterday the islanders had carried on cultivation on the lands that corporates are looking to take over for Golf and starred hotel. Number of vegetable plants were planted by the villagers.

After plantation villagers erected the board near the Vanxi-Divar ferry point that says "Gaunekar go away!". People of the island are opposed to sale of their homeland to Mahendra Gaunekar by the Archbishop of Goa and have taken legal recourse to defend themselves.

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