Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tilamol, Curchorem gear up to oppose land aquisition for mining road

The villagers of Tilamol, Cacora, Curchorem and Bansai are gearing up to oppose the proposed acquisition of land for the road widening road from Tilamol to Curchorem. The government has on Saturday 1st of July issued a notification under section 4 of land acquisition act to acquire land to make the road from Tilamol to Curchroem a four lane for the benefit of mining tranport . The Dy-Collector of Quepem Shri Agnel Fernandes has been appointed as the land acquisition officer
The villager on Sunday 5th July had a meeting at Bansai near the cross to oppose the land acquisition and to make the people aware about its effect on the people residing on the side of the road. The villagers were came under the banner Ganv Rakhonn Jagrut Manch which was attended by over 500 villagers. Addressing the gathering Mr. Babu Prabhu Dessai stated if the road is for the benefit of the local people then the people will demolish their houses themselves but if the proposed acquisition is for the benefit of the mining lobby then they will not allow the acquisition.

The plan showing the land to be acquired for the widening the road is drawn on an survey plan which was not being updated for years and if the physical survey of the same is carried out then several houses will be demolished to make way for the road widening. Adv. Mahesh Kakodkar explained the gathered crowd the details about the proposed road widening and questioned the Government intensions in this process. He further said that the present road is enough for the normal traffic and the widening is not required by demolishing the houses of hundred people for no proper reason unless the Government has some hidden motive behind this move.

Mr. Christanand Pednekar said that recently there are numerous accidents on this road due to mining transport and if this widening becomes a reality then people will have to walk with their coffin in their hands expecting death any moment. He further said that a four lane road is not required for the normal traffic as the present road is adequate. He called on to the people to oppose this proposed road widening with all their might.

Mrs. Soccorina Goes said that people have been asking for a by-pass road for so long dedicated to mining activity which all authorities had promised but now it is evident that they were fooling the public. She said that she is confident that this widening is done to enable the mining lobby to transport the ore and not with the interest of the people. She warned that people will not take this step lying down but will agitate with all their might to stop this double intentional move of the Government.

Mr. Mafaldo Fernandes said that The Govt. should forget about the widening of the road like a bad dream and take up the work of the by-pass road if they want peace in the region and that they will never let the mining lobby succeed in this move of road widening.

Others who addressed the meeting includes Mr. Vinod Velgaonkar, Curchorem BJP president Mr. Pradeep Naik , Rajendra Kakodkar .

The villagers have decided to meet the Deputy Collector of Quepem Mr. Agnelo Fernandes who is appointed as acquisition officer and submit their grievances. They also decided to meet the Chief Minister over the issue. The villagers also decided that their demands are not met by the elected representatives then they decided to knock the doors of the court.

John Fernandes

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