Monday, July 26, 2010

Himanshu Kumar on why Indians should support Tribals in their resistance...

Himanshu Kumar speaking in the midst of his 3 month long cycle yatra, explains why the nation should support the tribals in their resistance against the govt.

He says that if the govt. wins this battle, it will drive them to winning the war and grabbing land from people illegally and unconstitutionally will become the order of the day.

He urges the activists across the country to get off the net and go amidst the people. That simply by sitting and writing on the internet, one cannot create pressure on the govt. Till such time we don't go amongst the masses we won't be able to awaken them or pressure the govt. to deliver justice to all its citizens.

He urges the people to go to the masses and learn about the grassroot resistance across the country and to support them.

The YouTube Video:

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