Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mining silt invades paddy fields in Pale, Bicholim

Samir Umarye

Several fields in Ambeshi and Devulwada, Pale, were rendered
uncultivable due to the mining silt in the area.

According to sources, the silt which was on the roads has entered into
the fields, thereby damaging crops.

Speaking to Herald, Devanand Gawas of Devulwada Pale said there are
several companies which are operating in the area and some are
illegal. “Through RTI Act on July 4, 2010 we have been informed that a
mining company which is in operation in the village is not given any
permission and is totally illegal,” added Gawas.

“Due to these mining activities, our fields have been rendered
uncultivable and the authorities should look into this,” said Gawas.
In Ambeshi, several fields have been damaged as the silt has flown
down during the rain. The villagers have demanded compensation for the
loss of crops.

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