Thursday, July 15, 2010

GOAMAP condemns mineral loot of Goa via Panchwadi

Goa Federation of Mines Affected People (GOAMAP) strongly condemns forceful, illegal cutting down of Mangroves and physical assault on the four people in Panchwadi yesterday to benefit Sesa Goa mining company.

Yesterday Panchwadi villagers along with the Forest department physically stopped mangroves cutting carried on by few people to benefit Vedanta owned Sesa Goa in their plans to construct ore loading point. In this process four people – Costao Fernandes, Derek D’Costa, Nazareth Goadinho and Classey Costa - were assaulted one of whom - Derek D’Costa - suffered injuries and had to be hospitalized.

GOAMAP is happy that police at Ponda Police station has arrested some the culprits and demand that remaining once in hiding be also traced and booked as per law.

GOAMAP urges Vedanta mining company not to indulge in violence henceforth as it is not going to serve the purpuse of frightening and demoralizing people resisting mining industry.

GOAMAP also condemns scientist Arvind G. Untawale, former director of National Institute of Oceonagraphy, Dona Paula who has prepared report for Goa Governemnt declaring that there are no mangroves in Pachwadi to benefit Sesa Goa mining company. GOAMAP advises Dr. Untawale and other scientists not to indulge in unethical practices to favour mining industry.

GOAMAP further condemns Goa Government for twice issuing land acquisition notice for 34 meter wide mining road through forest in Panchwadi. GOAMAP is convinced that Goa Government is merely facilitator of mining plunder of Goa and hence must be thrown out. GOAMAP also condemns Goa’s opposition leader Manohar Parrikar for advocating mining by-pass to facilitate Goa’s mineral loot.

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