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Protecting the Sacred

These 13 amazing grandmothers are reaching out to our Indigenous people too!


Call To Action-International Indigenous Leaders Gathering

We thought you would like to read this summary of the keynote resolution from this recent conference, where the Grandmothers Council was represented by Grandmother Mona Polacca.

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An Indigenous-to-Indigenous Call For Action

International Indigenous Leaders Gathering

"Protecting the Sacred"

Key Note Summary : May 2, 2010 - June 8, 2010

Very Beloved Relatives,

Whether or not all the nation states, multinational corporations or international development agencies that surround us are willing or able to participate with us at this time, our Indigenous Peoples and allies need to immediately move forward in rebuilding and reunifying the Americas and beyond, utilizing the Guiding Principles of The Fourth Way.

1. We have the ancient prophecies and a clear vision of an emerging future of social justice and collective prosperity for the Americas, and beyond, which we will, as promised, co-create with all members of the Human Family. This new era will occur as sure as the sun rises every morning.

2. We have a spiritual foundation of guiding principles and values that empowered us to survive a great spiritual winter that was filled, at times, with the utmost human cruelty, violence, injustice, abuse, and physical and cultural genocide. In spite of this, throughout the Americas, increasingly, our Indigenous relatives are reawakening to their spiritual and cultural identities and are healing their Sacred Relationships with all members of the Human Family. In fact, a large majority of all the inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere have some degree of Indigenous ancestry.

3. Together, with our allies, we have the cultural, spiritual, scientific, technological, social, environmental, economic and agricultural capacities and wisdom needed to co-create and rebuild our Tribes and Nations stronger than ever before.

4. Our Indigenous Peoples, with the support of our allies, have the collective material resources to bring our greatest dreams and visions to reality and to fully protect and heal our Beloved Mother. Collectively our growing social capital, our land base, our natural resources, including water, petroleum, natural gas, timber, rare minerals and gems, fishing and hunting rights and those rights and resources we have still to justly acquire, will soon enable us to become a major economic and spiritual force not only in the Americas, but around the world. We will then mandate the wise and harmonious ways Mother Earth's gifts should be safely and sustainably developed, as well as, when development is not appropriate, no matter how much profit is to be made. Our Sacred Places and the Healthful Life of our Beloved Mother Earth are not for sale and exploitation!

The Indigenous peoples of the Eagle (Canada and the U.S.), along with our allies, have the material resources to directly support our Indigenous relatives of the Condor (Latin America) in developing their collective resources, as they choose. By utilizing digital and green technologies, and our vast social capital, in a manner that supports our collective prophecies and holistic vision, we have the capacity to manifest, as promised, a future with social, environmental and economic justice for all members of the Human Family. As it was with the original Union of the Condor and Eagle, the Indigenous peoples of the South have Sacred Gifts, of equal measure, to share with their Indigenous relatives of the North.

The primary challenge that stands before us as Indigenous Peoples in rebuilding the Americas and beyond is disunity. This has been caused by colonialism and the resulting, unresolved inter-generational trauma. Therefore, from my perspective, a primary purpose of this second ground-breaking International Indigenous Leaders Gathering is to courageously initiate the establishment of an enduring spiritual and cultural foundation for healing, reconciliation, unity in diversity and collective action for " Protecting the Sacred. " Once this spiritual foundation and healing process is manifested and fully agreed between us, with continued prayer, hard work and dedicated devotion, everything else needed, will naturally unfold, as foretold by the Ancient Ones and all of our wise Visionaries and Spiritual Leaders.

With Warm and Loving Greetings,

Phil Lane Jr.


Four Worlds International Institute

Four Directions International



Grandmother Mona Polacca, M.S.W.


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